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by Donna F. Miller
Live free or die their cry rang out
They left their homes, our foes to rout.
They gifted us with freedom's song
To now forget would be so wrong.
They fought when fear was all they bore
As their companion in the war.
As silent tears rolled down in streaks
On booted soldiers' sooted cheeks.
As sailors bowed their heads and cried
As friends beside them fought and died.
As pilots counted fewer planes
Returning home through bullets' rains.
They battled on for you and me
On land and air and on the sea.
The fate of medics was the same
A different job, a different name.
Now our youth is back once more
Dying on a foreign shore.
They all gave all at such a cost
Lest we forget 'twas they we lost.
We must recall and pass it on
Freedom lives but they are gone
We must recall and pass it on.


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