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"Dedicated to Bill Miller"


"Dedicated to Bill Miller"
 - By Donna Miller -

Bill Miller: "This is a brief semi-biography written by my Stepmom Donna Miller.  She's always wanted to write a book, and I'm flattered to be her subject of choice.  In a free PDF file at the link below, she shares heartache and happiness, some of her favorite stories, and tidbits she finds meaningful.  Enjoy!"

For general viewing instructions AND optimum viewing instructions, see below:)...

            Download: DedicatedToBillMiller-ByDonnaMiller.pdf (2.5 MB)
General viewing instructions: In order to view the book, you need an Adobe Reader Program.  Just double-click the above link... if you already have an Adobe Reader, the program should launch automatically, while the file downloads (if you are using a dial-up Internet connection, please be patient:).  Once you see the "caricature cover," simply use "Page down" or "Page up" (on your keyboard) to view the book.  If you receive an error message after double-clicking the above link, then you probably need to download a FREE Adobe Reader program. 

Optimum viewing instructions: If you simply double-click the above link, Adobe will most likely open the file inside of your browser window, which will decrease the viewable area (how much you can see at a time).  If you right-click the file and choose "save target (or link) as" you can save the file to your computer (inside your My Documents folder or wherever you choose).  Then, locate the file inside the folder you downloaded it to, and open it from there.  This will launch a streamlined version of Adobe reader, and increase your viewable area.  Function 8 (F8) on your keyboard should hide unnecessary toolbars in Adobe for an even larger viewable area.  Again, simply use "Page down" or "Page up" (on your keyboard) to view the book.  Once a file is open, you can set the "zoom factor" to whatever you like by clicking & changing the indicated percentage in the top left corner of the viewable window.

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