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9-11: The Tenth Anniversary
by Donna F. Miller
The 9-11 horror that was witnessed by us all
Began a difficult decade since we saw the towers fall.
The terrorist attack burst our peaceful bubble.
We lost so many people in the smoke and in the rubble.
The kind of hate behind the plot is hard to comprehend.
But we must rise above it if we ever plan to mend.
The melting pot is who we are, diversity shaped this land.
We need the best from everyone to lend a helping hand.
Like a rope of many fibers, our bond has made us strong.
Like a choir of many singers, we sing America’s song.
We must work together to make our country whole
And every American citizen has a special role.
We mourn the loss of lives we suffered that September.
We celebrate our strength as we gather to remember.


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